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By | February 27, 2022

Meaning Of Name George. See the girl version of this name. George is a classic honeymoon baby, we were planning to wait a couple of years, but we were excited nevertheless.

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In greek, this means a farmer or tiller of the soil. This name has been popularly used in many shakespearean plays and was the name of many kings of england and presidents. The name george is of greek origin.

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George is generally used as a boy's name. [1] another source claims a norman influence as the magni rotuli scaccarii normanniae lists richard and william de st. Origin of the name george:

Either Of Two Of The Insignia Of The British Order Of The Garter.

The prevailing meaning of george is farmer — in greek it comes from georgos which indicates a tiller of the soil. George is the 133 ranked male name by popularity. From the personal name george, greek georgios, from an adjectival form, georgios ‘rustic’, of georgos ‘farmer’.

From Greek Georgios, A Derivative Of Geôrgos Farmer, From Gê Earth And Ergein To Work.

George means the greek georgos farmer or earthworker. George is a traditionally masculine name with greek and english roots. As a masculine given name it has been used over centuries, and in different spellings all over the world.

George Was On The Top Of Both Our Lists It’s A Family Name.

Popular within royalty, it was borne by numerous princes, kings and emperors. The name still denotes that feeling of nobility despite meaning farmer, and it is making a comeback with other vintage names. We call him georgie a lot.

The Name’s Meaning Can Be Broken Down Into “Ge,” Meaning “Earth,” And “Eargon,” Meaning “Work.”.

The name's meaning is farmer, earthworker. George comes from the greek name “georgios” which came from the word “georgos.” saint george was the first man in recorded. George is a boy's name of greek origin meaning farmer.

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