Meaning Of Name Sophia

By | June 7, 2021

Meaning Of Name Sophia. From ancient greek σοφία (sophía, “wisdom”). The name was first famous via st.

Sophia Name Meaning 8 x 10 Instant Digital by
Sophia Name Meaning 8 x 10 Instant Digital by from

Looking for the meaning of the name sophia? Sophie is the french form. The baby name sophia has roots in greek origins and means

It Is Also Has A Rich History As A Saint Name.

A female given name, variant of sofie. Sophia was derived from sofia, the greek word for wisdom. Origin and meaning of name sophia.

From The Ancient Greek Σοφίᾱ (Sophíā, “High Knowledge ”:

The meaning of the name “sofia” is: The name was borne by saint sophia, apparently not a real person; Girl name origins & meanings.

What Does Sophie Mean And Stand For?

Users of this name patriotic , gentle , witty , leader , stubborn , sensitive. Sophia has greek origins meaning wisdom, and is a variant of sophie and alternatively spelled sofia. Sophia is a common female name in the eastern orthodox countries.

Sophia Was The Mother Of Three Daughters Named Faith, Hope And Love.

For more quotations using this term, see citations:sophia. Sophie is the french form. What does the name sofia mean?

Looking For The Meaning Of The Name Sophia?

Sophie means “wisdom” (from ancient greek “sophía/σοφία”). The given name sophia is first recorded as being used in the beginning of the 4th century ad. The name sophia is an swedish baby name.

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