Meaning Of Name Emily

By | March 30, 2021

Meaning Of Name Emily. This first name is on trend: English cognate of the latin aemilia, which is from aemilius, an old roman family name probably derived from aemulus (trying to equal or excel, rival).

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Click through to find out more information about. Feminine of emil, from the latin name aemilia, feminine form of the old roman surname aemilius (probably from aemulus ). Emily name meaning is hardworking and the lucky number associated with is 1.

Emily Means One Who Flatters;

The name emily, meaning rival or industrious and hardworking, comes from the. From the roman surname aemilius, which was originally from the latin word aemulus, meaning rival. Emily is a girl's name of latin origin meaning rival.

The Name Emily Is Derived From The Roman Family Name Aemilius.

“industrious, flatterer, to strive or rival”. Emily has been used as a vernacular form of the germanic amelia, up to the nineteenth century. Emily name meaning and history what does emily mean and history?

The Meaning Of The Name Emily Is:

Emily young, in twilight (novel series) emily the strange, cartoon character and merchandising mascot. English feminine form of aemilius (see emil ). The meaning of the name “emily” is:

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The name emily is usually given to a girl. Emily is primarily considered for baby girl names names. Girl name origins & meanings.

Emily, In The Nickelodeon Tv Series Power Rangers Samurai.

The meaning of the name “emily” is: Emily is also a form of the english, spanish, german, latin, dutch, and italian girl name amelia in the english language. The short form of emmaline.

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