Pic Pin Diagram Description

By | October 7, 2021

Pic Pin Diagram Description. Ra3 / an3 / vref. Pins 1 to 8 − these pins are known as port 1.

PIC16F877A PIN DIAGRAM DESCRIPTION PDF from agritourismquebec.com

They can be configured as input or output pins depending on the logic control i.e. If logic zero (0) is applied to the i/o port it will act as an output pin and if logic one (1) is applied the pin will act as an input pin. This is the actual pin diagram of 8086 microprocessor.

Pin 2 & Pin 3:

This port serves some functions like interrupts,. Pin diagram of 8085 microprocessor is as given below: The pin diagram of 8051 microcontroller looks as follows −.

Address Bus And Data Bus:

Description of the pins : Gnd 14 i ground cs 1ichip select: Pin 9 − it is a reset pin, which is used to reset the microcontroller to its initial values.

These Pins Are A Ground Reference.

The following figure shows the complete pinout description of this tiny pic module. One for systems that implement 5 volt signaling levels, and one for systems that implement 3.3 volt signaling. This is an 18 pin ic, the description of each pin are given below:

Pins 1 To 8 − These Pins Are Known As Port 1.

Pin6, pin18, pin25, pin42, and pin50. This pin can also be used as an analog pin an0. A low on this pin enables rd and.

Analog Pin 0 Or 0Th Pin Of Porta.

+12v ( term.30 ) 5 : This can be the analog input 1. Every pin on the module comes with a unique function, used as per the requirement of the project.

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